Early Morning Echoes

by Hungrie

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Written, recorded, mixed, and everything else by Logan Zielke

1 Thessalonians 5:5 ESV
For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness.

I'm working on an album I hope to release before the summer of 2013. Check out www.diehungrie.blogspot.com to follow the rollercoaster ride.


released May 17, 2012

ALL beats used non profit.




Hungrie Wichita, Kansas


LZ, formerly known as Hungrie, is a musician from Wichita, KS. Recording music since 2008.

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Track Name: Can't Hold Us
Call me hungrie
But I’m full of my self
Indulge till I bulge and expulge on myself
Never dull in my soul but I still lack control of myself
So I accept your concerns for my health
Diet till I’m quiet and can fit in this belt
Quenched, threaten but I’ve never flinch
Wanna hear my pitch then help with this tent
Yes, cuz my life is just a camping trip
Head to the sky, stars kiss my lips
Cold air slips through my hair
I can hear the wolfs howl
Sometimes I feel like an animal out on the prowl
Scowl but life is so much simpler now
Sorry baby, maybe I am crazy
But i could see we wouldn’t be getting married
That’s scary, kinda like this full moon
Who knew my character would crash so soon
So doomed, …maybe not, maybe I got a shot
at seeing a view better than an astronauts
yes, orbiting around this planet
some like empty space but I cant stand it
face is a trace of a statue of granite
and it wont work out how I planned it
plan it, such simple words
worked out opposite of how I observed
slurred,this is my speech impediment
could be like this forever indefinite
irrelevant, so outta place
gone, so outer space
if I could go back I woulda shown that
the only real things are dust and this rap
This act, is not for show
Please throw stones they help me grow
Please watch thrones made by the old
Right now I’m just crafting my own
Man look at that white kid go
Nobody ever thought that kid would grow

The ceiling cant hold me,
It needs reinforcing
Even with the concrete
I still will be destroying
Retracting, collapsing
The ruckus is so distracting
Their acting as if I never would been
Any where near here if it weren’t for them
Yeah right this was all myself and I
Wouldn’t want to trade it for any lifetime
Why?Because I’m having the time of my life
With out the need to pick up a pipe
You should pipe down with the snide now
While I ride out just take some time now
Gonna spit some rhymes now,
Show you how it’s done
Not focused on the dark, I look at the son
See it’s brightness, see the likeness
Of God’s son in all his highness
This life is living to the full potential
Loving is the only essential
I smile up, feel love raining down
God shook away my dust,
And took my muddy grounds
Track Name: Concrete Jungle (feat. Aaron Lee Martin)
Lost in the street light shadow of sky scrapers
Relying on our sight cuz we’re our own saviors
Forgetting our neighbors, burying prayers
Casting our cares aside to smog filled air
Yes, my soul is in tatters,
ignore anyone who asks what the matter
you know whats the matter?
It’s you and your answers
The devils long arms ensnare us with laughter
Why? Cuz he knows what we after
The money, the honey, the fame the flatters
Riches, Anywhere but where I dug in the trenches
Deep in the ditches living so endless
Tell me I need this, I want the excuses
Tell me I’m needed, that I’m not useless
Tell me I’m capable, that I can do this
Get me out of the jungle, show me what truth is

Off of kellog, onto emporia
caught in thought of all that’s destroyin ya
the people laugh and crash you know their enjoyin the
sounds of the night, all with out the light
you know what is right, you know what is wrong
but you’ve been keepin it secret all along
so you turn from 13th on to zoo
truethless, ruthless, unable to do
just what you set out to do
it all seems misconstrued to you
so you keep it secret, keep it hidden
they would hear it if they just listen
it’s below the glam below the glisten
behind the vacant stairs of children
inside the lies of truth they speak
between the cracks of the teeth of the weak
just try to eat, from zoo to ridge
living so thinly, trying to binge
smile a cringe, hearts a cavity
people lie and say that they want catastrophe
what a travesty, right on 29th
home with no direction in life
don’t know where I live,
wont get caught in the darkness of sin!

been running from the devil since the day I was born
lungs are burning and my legs are sore
I just want to soar, above safe from harm
But I find myself running back to his arms
Track Name: Continue With Me
taking a millisecond to make music about me
I’m tired of censoring myself, so now no bleeps
No unnecessary blanks, no reason to be fake
No reason to show any emotion that has to do with hate
And if you hate that then listen to the instrumental
I don’t make music for those that disrespect my pencil
and don’t disrespect my temple, perfect seems so simple
when your content with the bed head, regret and pimples
never follow whats drawn out in the stencils
because using whats already been done would just cripple
my own creativity, whats the point in being an artist
when what i make in the end is so heartless
speaking of which, how could you be so
cold as the winter winds when in breathes yo
no birds, whether pigeons, or eagles
I wont be dust in the wind, i’m not them bro

Why cant I just be me
Don’t try to limit my creativity
I wont take a different route, fall to whats new
Destroy all doubt and stick to what’s true

The center of every action has got to be adonai
more than an attraction to a passer by
Ask the pastor why, the worlds got a cry
But how can we show real love if there’s no reason behind
Anything that happens, tragic things happen
I don’t want to just cover up this spilled blood with a napkin
So I try to let my little light shine bright
If I’m doing something right, know that’s Christ
If I do something wrong then that’s my sin
I do wrong things again and again, God know’s I’ve been
A failure, a liar, a luster, a deceiver
Sometimes I call it good when it’s just lesser evil
I hate the fact that I’m a bad example to these people
But when God is so glorious how could I not be feeble
Humble not needful, when my ego gets so me filled
I pray I destroy it all and Christ gets revealed

, but they still deceive me
Devil in a new dress seeks to please me
Who knew evil was so easy
Who knew righteousness was so fleeting
But, don’t ever tell me who I should be individually
Silly fools I wont ever become your entity
I see how youre acting all the time, look at me
I’m exactly what you want, cuz you like what you see
Yes and that’s refreshing cuz I like who I am
Kid forever everlasting endeavor no peter pan
I always think never, but never never happens
So I better be better than ever to make a pass at this passion
Track Name: Whirlwind (feat. Pigeon John)
Lost in the waves of thought my brain penetrates
Into the relapse that recaps and reiterates
Now a day’s emotions just seem to precipitate
From rain clouds I’m to proud to anticipate
What lies ahead, all thoughts dread
My whole body is mute like the language is dead
Extinct, I think, way before my past thoughts
There was something significant that I forgot
Can you tell me whats the meaning of the spinning cyclones
And I’m looking over my shoulder aches creeping in my bones
I’m surrounded by people but I feel so alone
My hand numb on the steering wheel as I take myself home
Yeah, stop lights numb vision
The road turns left with tires still spinnin
But the world collapses as I look at my actions
Tell me that the night won’t end in dead passions

I feel so ill man, so ill…
My thoughts still with a chill,
Thinking I need to calm down, need to get real
But I look in the backseat to see it all empty
Lights blaze by and nobody missed me
If I stop to early then somebody might hit me
If I keep on going then nobody can get me
Gone, I don’t want to be the typical
But I look at the streets and only see individuals
Who am I, if I can’t be, me
or even a close resemblance
i can barely see,
but don’t need any repentance
just distance,
missed an exit in an instance
found myself back at the beginning of the sentence
when I realize that I stopped starting before I began
I realized that my axels got caught in the sand
And with every backwards glance my emotions turn to glass
And everything seems clear, from the bravery to fear
The road ends here and I just can’t steer
Second hand smoke creaps through the window
But I know firsthand that a high is a low
So I start back sliding like the road is all snow
Roosters still crow but daylight wont glow
So, I emergency break it
The whole world was mine, pity that I take it
Pity that I taste it, pity that I waste it
alone in the zone and I’m never gonna make it
Street lights blink like tired eyes eye sight
I might fight night but it’s like the ends in sight
Right, and this is all on the free way
I drive undivided cuz theres nobody beside me
Lonely, and it’s only just begun
Lost on this road of finding who I was
Track Name: House On The Sand
They say they've seen my type before
pockets real rich but the thougths are poor
they dont know what i'm so carnal for
but i eat up their attention like a carnivore
Look at me worthless, look at me nerve less
I take one step forward, then run from disturbance
I look down at my hands; the palms are sweaty and shaking
My arms skin is flaking, I feel on the verge of fainting
Time is still fading, I’m caught in sedation
The only joy I feel is pain, patience dies in anticipation
My blood is racing, shivers run down my spine
This is in no way the life that I wanted, but I’ll accept that it’s mine

I built my house on the sand
The wise built their house on the rock
No, I’m not shocked
Cuz the sand is shifting and the waves wont stop

Water falls like sweat falls down the curvature of my back
I step in other peoples footprints who weren’t even on track
Just so I don’t get my own feet dirty
I built my castle in the sand, you know it’s hella sturdy
Look at me, I’m so worldly, doing what they all do
I hear them when they talk, you should hear what they call you
You slipped up the other day and I saw you
Your building your house on those rocks?
Watch the realestate when it falls through
Oh, and they say a storms coming
I don’t believe those lies, I aint seen nothing
There’s no clouds in the skies, the wind isn’t bad
When I tell them the ice caps aren’t really melting, they all get mad
You know that I planned so my house is going to stand
This whole global warming end of the world things just a fad
And chances are their just jealous of my beach side mansion
Lots of people build their houses on the sand and nothing ever happens

And now there’s a problem with all the kids
The tv says a storms coming and we’re all stuck in the ditch
A mudslide hit my neighbors took out their house
I reinforced my fence as soon as I found out
If this storm is so bad and the skies going to blow up
Then who’s building the ark, homie where’s Noah
No I don’t believe in superstitions cuz I’m not a probably
I’m a for sure, thats why my house isn't sloppy
\ they worship Christ, buddah and ghandi
I believe in man, so religions never got me
And I believe in money, that’s why my house is so stunning
Half the people on rocks are lower class or bummy
I made all this cash from being a smart being
So it’s enough for me to believe what I’m seeing
A seasonal storm that comes around every year
The rain that falls from the sky is not god’s tears

Now my ankle is waste high in the liquid of this flood
But it’s not water around my feet, it’s my own blood
That flows from this cut in hindsight filled with regret
Now my house is in shambles and my feet are all wet
I can barely step, only lay back and groan
I built my house upon the sand, the weakest of all stones
They shift and they shrunk, broke the foundation of my home
The fools that build here next can use the foundation of my bones
Track Name: Maybe There's More
my life is not a right than earned
so when I’m lost in the flight through the night I am concerned
learned from a young age that not everything can be trusted
took all the hate that made me rusted made a fist and then I crushed it
and I’ve rushed in, they tell me it’s an unwise decision
I said a lot of stupid things, but somehow I’ve always meant it
So when I finish, there won’t be any confusion
Sometimes the straight and narrow path gets so crooked
If I said I wasn’t afraid I’d be lieing cuz I am scared
I walk on the edge of life and I’m unprepared
I see people with their self confidence and I’m just not them
I can’t even trust myself so I just trust him
I want to want him, but my faiths thin
I cover my face with a fake grin
But it’s not necessarily fakeness
I can’t claim to be on the path of greatness

Why did the clouds cover the sun today
And Why will the clouds cover the stars tonight
Maybe there’s more than meets the eye
Trying to be like the moon, and just reflect the light

If you can sift through that you can receive my thoughts
The feelings that keep me awake at night, seeming lost
I see the faces of these people around me, distraught
But it’s worthless to feel purpose speaking words of loss
I’m at a loss for words where mind and matter cross
Mind over matter my focus caught but my hearts tied in double knots
It’s not that I care about the costs,
But I feel cross from those that want to double cross
Where trouble starts, i don’t want to feel that pressure
never any lesser with love beyond measure
So I treasure every feeling, I want it last forever
Never severed but everlasting feelings of pleasure
And that infinity is instantly denying me in infamy
I can see the space between me and space is distancing
Sometimes life will annoy you, sometimes it will destroy you
But there’s always the moments that you will find joy through

Joy is like the word that everybody forgot
Because the joy is all rot when we’re slammed in our slots
And we never even fought to position ourselves
That’s why when we try to feel happy we always fail
Plus we set ourselves up for disappointment
When we make such trivial things overjoyess
When our neighbors struggle and we never notice
When we cant even stick with a hobby cuz we cant focus
Locusts aren’t the plague, it’s us stuck in our ways
Planning for the future but never planning to change
Strange how we take pills for depression
Like that will make us understands life’s lessons
It’s strange how nowadays people always feel enraged
And when the peace is depleted nobody’s fazed
Somebody in this whole wide world knows what joy is
And it wasn’t found in any object that you could toy with

So if your stuck in the night you can see
And the dark is just shadows battlin within me
I’ve conquered the pitch black
And I’m starting to get that itch back
I’ll walk the strait and narrow path and never switch back
Track Name: I Can't Win
Back, on this brand new pace
and my future is behind me finally about to take shape
played like playdough, still no shapes though
I can mold it into anything that I claim so
Today I’ll fold it into all my prayers
Pick a few that fly through thin air
If it’s not much to ask, if you’re their
Please cease these stares and ease these cares
Life’s so unlike staring at these walls
But I’m too frightened to move at all
To enlightened to pretend it’s all good
But in light of it all maybe I should…
Would you care to join me?
The encouragement is so disappointing
And in this room I feel so lackadaisical
That a miracle could happen and I wouldn’t be amazed at all

This is not a book
And this is not a movie
People don’t even have to look
They can just tell that I’m not moving
And I am feeling a little shook
They win and I’m left losing
Every feeling that they took
They crooked without me choosing
There just biting on the hook
And I’m reeling trying to get them approving
Abusing every power that they have
To the point I don’t know what I’m doing
Chasing lines through this paragraph
Like there’s something that I must be proving
They’re awkward and i don’t know how to act
I think that they find it amusing

Everyday I wake up to this same bad news
When it’s me against me I will only lose
And the winner has only a choice to choose
On what he basis his hope, what he basis his truth
I can’t win

I’m tossing and I’m turning
And I’m yearning for some earning
Something’s burning in my ribs
And I can’t tell what it is
If it’s my heart or something dark
I just can’t tell the difference
But I’ll tear it all a part
just to fix all of these symptoms
and it’s been like this from the start
when I needed that forgiveness
I’ve let the flame grow from that spark
And it’s causing this dependence
And since this is all my fault
My fault lines are quaking past my tendons
I might just lose it all,
but I would find comfort in the beginin since
Track Name: Tornado
why you yellin all the time like screamo
like it's evil that i aint what i mean tho
they say i'll never have a video on vevo
never get tivoed like a touchdown by tebow
that aint what i need though
take a shot at me here's a free-throw
if i still carry this chain what'd you set me free fo
had a buzz since way before i was legal.
not killin it god willin its been lethal
unbelieble, this is crazy
maybe if you threw me a line you could save me
but i'm the one with all the lines like disney
world on my shoulder atlas here with me
feeling witty, stay away from the casino
i aint gamble i make hits like the great bambino
it's all about community like childish gambino
they say it's a freakshow i'm hungrie incognito
my mom tells me to rap slower
she can't hear me and needs closure
content is constant but you're not so sure
want me to walk you through it need a chauffer
well maybe next time, i hit you with the next rhyme
rhythm in time of the beat of a real life
reel with a real line, try to make it catchy
feel steel while i steal time, granite make it sketchy
reliance defined in the faith not the science
the nicest defiance you deny its design this
life is like lightning a flash and it's gone
long before the fading strums of the song
wade in the shallow never dwell in the deep
sleep with the fishes or keep counting the sheep
status is slanted with the tweets of defeat
but the birds still chirp the learning curves to steep
dont know if you want to hear me keep rapping
but i'm deep in my basement strait laughin
Track Name: Justin Bieber
i see the look in your eyes
im feeling real fly with my hair greased to the side
white v-neck on and i feel like the bomb
just look at it all and sing to the song
boss. real rap real rap
you gave me your smile cuz i wouldn't steal that
you like the style but might need to ease back
cuz all you see is the jeans the tee and fitted hat
if that seems mundane cuz everyone wears the same thing
it's probably just cuz my styles been jacked
by these wack cracks just to look alike with face masks
that won't last i got something that you can't look past

then i probably still wouldn't spend my money
i'd make you listen all the time to this rapper named hungrie
i'd stay silent whenever you called on the phone
dont got much to say unless i'm on the microphone
probably wouldn't text much either
infact saying nothing might just be easier
yah you hot i stay cold like freezer
what the heck did you expect
justin bieber

i'm the essence of the lessons learned from the adolescent
as the moon turns towards the crescent i become the freshest
seconds from severance, end i'll never let it
less we're headed embedded in that direction
uhh. big words big words
is my vocabulary scary you seem disturbed
need a dictionary very rarely glaring glasses of the nerd
barely staring towards the very necessary that's absurd
word, different than i meant it
broken then i splint it, not spoken but i hint it
dont get it? forget it
i ain't going to fix it
just flip it

i'd be dazed and confused
used to the truth but it came out abused
the news wasnt proved no clues in the ruse
bruised while a loose noose dangles from the roof
paid dues i must choose but i dont know what to do
i cruise past lose win i'm near to you
choose wise, why? i choose neither
what the heck did you expect, Justin bieber?
justin bieber justin bieber

uhh, pop rap pop rap
wrote the wrong song and you couldnt top that
stand taller than lincoln in his freakin top hat
winking or blinking, what do you call that?
maybe seizure, seize her, like i'm justin, bieber
fever, hotter, than summer when i'm near her
couldn't even see her in the winter like i know she's froze
heart's melt like the fire is felt beneath a man of snow
man, if there's only one thing that i know that i know
it's that as i grow i get better with every act that i can show
things get blown, wait out of proportion
its contorted and distorted with every rhyme that i've afforded
i'm the warden of the awarded with every line that i've recorded
i resorted to the reported portion pored in seemed important
you listen to the song never mind all the attention
not pretending that i'm justin, i'm adjustin, listen.
Track Name: Shine
From the outside looking in
I see through your skin stretched so thin
The wrinkles in your lifeless eye’s
Are so oddly similar to mine
And they’ve become so familiar with time
Searching through the heavens sky’s
Just in the hope of seeing a glint
Of fire, but there’s not even a hint
You’re tired, but still feel inspired
Aspire to get back up when you take that hit
Of mire, yelling out I can’t do this
Liar, that’s so far from the truth
You were there when all hell broke loose
You were their fighting the dragons
The last one standing demandin a fraction
Of action, till you had to face your phantoms
, perhaps then you lost all will
But then you wouldn’t be out here still
Standing gazing, waiting, pacing
Chasing after that long lost feeling for amazing
Fading, like a shooting star
If only they knew that you’ve come so far
If only they knew that you’d seen the light
After all these years blinded in the night

Blinded without site like no need for glasses
Fire and ashes for all of the actions
Askin for directions but still never took heed
Clinged with the need to intercede
But then you were freed, released from sightlessness
You were flightless till you were released from your high nest
This is your choice now
Go and find your own voice now
Don’t act coy to annoy with this noise now
Check your poise now, they come to assault
You halt by default and nock them to their asphalt
Hard to take the blame for others when it’s their fault
Hard to take the flavor of a neighbor when it’s all salt
And back up a brother when he’s all talk
Walk the walk, no need to catch a taxi
Actually find some meaning in this taxing
Life we’re livin, life we’re givin
Life were expected to be rejected yet find thrill in
Happiness is the light we saw in childhood
Believing with a faith as only a child could

We will illuminate the night
If you come away with me tonight

Can you see past the perfect brokenness?
The strait crack that left us in hopelessness
tears that fall down your cheek when you weep
Strikes a chord deep that rises to a fleet
Of ships of the navy, of the army
Hardly ready to announce defeat
I see the ripples as they sink,
On the brink of a leak but we don’t drink
And we don’t think, not even a pause
What if we were seen by God as a lost cause
Instead we see God as a lost cause
Narrow minded broad flawed in our façade
Even from my view the stars are just dots
What am I then if they’re molten planets of rock
Just dust blown across an irrelevant space
But blessed to see the Lord of all creations face
Track Name: Lost Without You
can you take your eye's off your iphone?
give me a second and look me in the eye's yo
because right now i feel all alone like iso
and that's the only thing that i do know
stuck in a ruse so confused
and i refuse to clue into what is due
is the truth really worth it?
because i feel like i should forfeit
rather give up than have to force it
your speech makes me weak as i absorb it
in orbit, you were the sun
you were the taser and i was the stunned
i took the bullet and you held the gun
looking down at the cannon like what have i done?
is death in the eye's or is that a disguise
is this the beginning or is this the demise?

i'm lost, i'm lost
i'm lost without you
and no matter what i cant find my way
dead ends same grins and i'm lost in this maze

will the world really ever end
will i really be judged for my sins
will i really meet the creator of men
and what does he see in me when he looks within
because i'm staring at this screen with a blank look
today i didn't even leave facebook
yet alone my home, how am i supposed to grow
when i just sit around and wait to get old
writing raps to show that im not inherently evil
but this isn't even the beginning, this is the prequel
YOUNG and OLD when i write from my soul
just trying to create art for others behold
but is art the written work on the parchment
or is art the sculpted heart and soul of an artist
i'm lost on the roads to death with no gps
and that might make this best test yet

they ask where is Jesus in my lyrics
i tell them jesus is on my mind, the words in my spirit
from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks
but my heart is just an organ that bleeds
likewise my tongues is just a muscle that pleads
for needs of things and worthless deeds
the debts collide and build up in cost
all i know is without you i'm lost
Track Name: Paradise (feat. Coldplay)
I told them that this must be paradise
They said you know where you are at right
A plight between right and a fight before wrong
It’s the song of the sunsetting, the moon is upon
Us… stuck in this evanescence
Angels all around us, I can feel their presence
I can touch the heavens, I can clear the clouds
I can feel the sun shine light upon my brow
I can feel the sound of the waves from the ground
As it shakes with profound brace for the grace that will abound
From the place where we now, fall to are knees and we bow
Blind from the shine of a crown, transgressions no longer bound
Inequity no longer found, depression no longer hounds
Struck with the wonder of this treasure never deserved to be found
The hidden oasis, saved by the blood of the blameless
My heart destroyed and left void, no other could take it
Except for the one who shaped it, now I think I see Eden
Beyond all that’s conceivable, something we barely believe in
A combination of seasons, of captivity and freedom
Because I’m free to believe in what I’m captively seekin
A shooting star in the darkness, a beat for the heartless
Regardless of the hardness a hope that can’t be harnessed
It’s the spring and the harvest, the snow and the warmth
It’s all that holds us back, all that we work towards
All that we adore, flowing with milk and honey
It’s the stunning beauty of life with no need for money
I see it in your sights, when I look in your eye’s
And you see the future, when you look into mine
Time, seems to have lost it’s grime
As we find that the older we get, the slower we die
Nothings ever as it seems
But I see paradise

Don’t leave me alone,
I’m just a stone thrown that breaks old bones
That takes all known thrones
And walks down old roads
Hoping to find what’s never been discovered
But I stutter in wonder, blunder and shudder
The cold is seen in my breath
are the old closer to death?
Or does it come like a thief in the night
As simple as theft
As quiet as deff
I’m definitely unsure of these
But I still hear her whispering assuredly
Track Name: Cr@ckers in Paris
yo, can i spit some raps?
even if i'm white as crack
does light skin makes you wack
try to tell beyonce that
fancy how the people yell
i'm strait out of the bible belt
girl may be as pretty as heaven
but she'll still give you hell

you should know that very well, comparison tends to fail
instagram all in your hand, photo shoot with painted nails
you parachute and parasail, try to fly but always flail
united flights with leather seats, first class treats and you so pale
you so pale, no make up
you so pale, but face up
you so pale, no tan on
like you never leave your mansion
you so pale with curly hair,
faris wheel but life ain't fair
it'll put you up in the air
make you wait and leave you there

crackers in paris? haha no way
crackers in paris? yup everyday
crackers in paris? with j and ye
crackers in paris? what else is there to say

she said how do you spell reproduce
i tried to tell her but she had no clue
she gave up on what she was trying to say
dang i thought these white girls were educated
ball so hard then make cheese,
ball so hard where am i greece?
naw i guess its lame old france
but missed the naked lady dance
just trying to walk down the street
makin every lady glance
well atleast thats how i act
holla where my pilgrims at
yeah from europe to the usa
usa to europe
maybe just in politics.
but we still flourish
set all the trends yet
you didnt see it comin?
you don't like where i'm from?
blame Christopher Columbus

crackers in paris
is that racist jay?
well you see i'm a cracker
so i guess it aint
no church in the wild
but what's a rapper to poet? dang
you got gucci and loui
what are those ninja turtle names?

crackers in paris,
skipping school like i'm ferris
and most of all we dont care if
we get seen by our parents
let me make it apparent
i'm the one that you stare at
cuz i'm dressed like a rapper
girls going into hysteria

it means when we french kiss
it get's to physical
dont read to much into it
being figuratively literal
criticize with your eye's
you realize you're so cynical
crackers in paris like parasites
we so plentiful
Track Name: These Changes
Even if things aint like the used to be
I still do me to the best of my ability
Feeling me, I still speak fluently
about how I see the truth to me
it’s just the booth and me
we became best friends
gonna give him a check, microphone test,
I never leave the home like I’m under house arrest
But I still work constantly, never get a rest
Stuck with these tests, I flee the flesh
Like a flesh eating zombie is bighting at my neck
Or a vampire is swooping in to get a peck
If they get to me I’m just a bloody mess
I guess I’m going through some changes
Put that gun to my head I could use a facelift
The old me used to be the fakest
I just want to rap, finally famous
Yeah, call it the big sean playlist
I watch the thrown but don’t expect sean to take it

I have a dark fantasy like Kanye West
In it I become the worst in search of being the best
And that’ll be me unless
I put God in control, let my knees hit the deck
Let my knees get recked
I still jump for my goals, hope my feet connect
Cuz I hope to step away from this ledge
No more life on the edge, I move on instead
Raise my hands in the air, perfect landing
Take your time to stare, while I’m panting
They say they got it on lock, while I’m outstanding
Get it? Out standing
Yeah, but don’t let me in
The airs more fresh out here,
And I rather be fresh then
Sweatin like a pig crowded in the pen
Trying to go HAM but there’s to much fat to trim
And I flee from sin
Like a bloodied man swimming with sharks in the ocean

Why must I go through these changes?
See it like cement and I’m stuck in the pavement
Get walked on like I was shape ups
Had my mind made up
But I never shaped up
No, never had good assets
Don’t know the plan yet but I wont act in rashness
Dust and ashes, seeing hot flashes
This side is the one with the greener grasses
Plus you never need to mow, and I always know
That there’s promise for me no matter where I go
Obedience isn’t the easiest but I’m free in it
They still want to go HAM, but I feast in this
This, is so much more than good news
This is truth while others follow a ruse or a fluke
Since I was a youth
I’ve been caught up doing what I don’t want to do
Brokenness came from my desires
I chose the living water and it put out those fires
Track Name: Take Me There (feat. Jimmy Needham)
see it clear, weird if only i could
they say i never should rap if i aint from the hood
and they say that it aint wack but it definiteley aint good
i wonder what you'd say if before your thrown i stood
would it be good, job i like the way you praise
i gave you a gift and you used it to proclaim
my name, or would you say that i wasted my time
that i should of left my basement stop spitting rhymes
that the worlds a broken place that needs to know grace
but i spent all my days pretending i was lecrae
well dang, glory to god i hope you here it
i hope that his names plain in my lyrics
i hope that i can affect or direct one life
no matter what i say let it relate to christ
cuz in the end i'm just here to prepare
for the day that i'll go where i breath his air

figured out life was more than tryna get a wife
that chasing after women can often lead to sinnin
in the beginin i was befrienden just to catch a feelin
then stealin glances taking chances askin for an evenin
but evil was within it because i put it over living
eventually i saw that joy is found in the lord and asked for forgiveness
but still i adore what i really shouldnt mess with
hate being poor but i'm rich in the lord and his presence
been blessed with an abundance of love its incredible
that the one who created all would love the detestable
now i want to spread the word, make it heard to these kids
middle school its cool to act a fool, but being christian never is
so they develop into tools before high school even ends
dont want to risk losing their niche within there group of friends
i once thought the same but broke away, found out who i could be
here my prayer, take me there, and let these other people see

every day the same thing
every night the same requests
but i pray i'll serve the king
till my last breath
because i dont want to look back on my life
and see that i've wasted all this time
idle with idols, crushed with lust
grinning while sinning, hoping for luck
i've been blessed, lest i should ever forget
i am not a slave to the world, i only serve him
so i will do my side of it while i reside in it
try to put some light in it, evil keep fightin it
knowing God is smilin, even as i'm writing this
waiting for the day when my home is where his highness is
Track Name: Still Speedin'
been rapping since i was seventeen
and you never new
pencil in like jack Nicolson,
you cant handle the truth
never the center of attention
i've been behind the scenes
maybe you even took a listen
but you didnt know it was me
hear i am, speaking loud and free
spoke my heart to break it apart
then sign off sincerely
growing from the very start
into who I'm meant to be
do what i can to erase this dark
and shine the light for all to see

but you didnt know it was me
maybe i'm invisible
or not fit to go on these intervals
that keep me trapped in different goals
stuck in a role, hoping for gold
hoping for hope in the solemn of soles
hoping for warmth on the night of the cold
when the coals wont glow with the lights of the world

didnt mean to eves drop
but your dread locked head strong
on this shoulder you rest your head on
if you step wrong then you'll get strung
and stung in a head on collision
glass gets smashed with a crash on the dash
its the clash of mass that leaves splinters intact
you had to act in higher class but now your stuck with the task
of finding who you were in the past
before the past passed in a flash and gets snatched
from hands and you stand unshure of the plans
as you ran from a child and turned to a man
no passion, now your askin,
is this how it's supposed to happen
flying now your stranded
and the landin wasnt padded

so you panicked on this planet
where everyone's left abandoned
hoping for divine interaction
gripe as life gets stagnate
i guess you expected better
you rain tears so well weathered
the same fears you had tethered
now affect you down to the letter
you treasure all your feathers
but never fly as high as the birds in the sky
evolved so far from intelligent design
that we cant see past the burdens of eye
yet hope has been here the whole time
inside the things we see with no purpose in mind
the love reaches for us that were hoping to find
we pass it like it all the time like the eyes of the blind

i'm guilty of this to
truth is in the proof of the useless at use
clues of never new news that could prove
the existence of faith that we couldn't argue
from the sea to anemone to chimpanzee to entity
to centuries and centuries of enemys
with sin in simplicity preemptively ending things
a plan was set in motion with a notion of delivery
stranded in a plan unable to understand
and all redemption rests in the nails in these hands
and all power of God is set aside in a man
i'm trying to speak it as clear as i can
*no matter the evolution of thought my hope is in Jesus
never caught in the thoughts of man no matter how genius

foolish search for attention but nobody ever listened
i made it a mission with no thoughts of ever quittin

now i feel like i'm david standing over this giant
wasn't raised to be a king but on my God i am reliant