Young & Old

by Hungrie

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Young & Old describes the moment when you realize that you are on the brink of growing up and the chances of living out your dreams are suddenly slipping away. You feel too young to let go of your dreams, but too old to ever achieve them.

Track 1 - Adamack, Hungrie
Track 2- Hala-X
Track 3- Adamack
Track 4- beatg33kz
Track 5- NomiS
Track 6- Brett Klassen
Track 7- Adamack
Track 8 - Atomic Beats
Track 9 - Tony Stone
Track 10- Brett Klassen

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released April 9, 2013

*All songs mixed + mastered by crazy daisy productions



all rights reserved


Hungrie Wichita, Kansas


LZ, formerly known as Hungrie, is a musician from Wichita, KS. Recording music since 2008.

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Track Name: Y & O (Intro)
When I was young I had big dreams//
I used to think that I was capable of anything // thought I could make a difference in a world full of ignorance//
just by writing lyrics of what was going on in my brain// dang, what motivates change? what shapes who I am when I feel the same every day//but then when it's finished I come out diminished//
and character traits that once flourished seem to be missing// on mission with no intention of discovering my goal//
on what year, what day, what moment are we old?// is it when culture no longer seems to be a place where we reside//
and we relapse to the past cuz it's a great place to hide?// wide smiles often hold white lies// just brace for life when the stake is raised to its height//if my mind stays sharp as a double edged blade//
I still won't understand these mistakes I've made// I hate when people ask me the reasons why I've changed// you either get better or worse, you don't stay the same//
dang, can you imagine being 22//
looking at the life ahead of you not knowing what to do?// come a long way since the days back in maize// but life's still a haze I'm a long ways from safe//
so when I picture my life I'm thinking outside of the frame,// used to try to stay out of the box, now the box is my fame//
when everything is only done for the hope of the moment// you're no longer young, you're somewhere between restored and broken// and words spoken don't seem to hold as much force
when you've gone off the path and didn't stick to the course// but and the end of it all, this is what I decided to tell//
on the stairway to heaven, hand already gripping the rail //
when I started rapping they said it was destined to fail.....
Track Name: Y.O.U.N.G.
Yo, they never saw it coming,// it’s stunning, I’m young and I’m hungry// bummy with my money, expenses still overcoming// numbing from the drumming, but I keep on running// Don’t judge me, slighted by the polite//the lights like lice the way I itch for the night// the nights like spice the way it entice my whole life// I ignore all strife like its outside of my sight// fly, like what's trendy isn't really// Everybody tryna bend me, stretching me until I’m flimsy// And I’m barely twenty, got my bottle of Jackson// Presidential credentials, lifeless in my actions// So numb that I succumb to anyone who shows passion,// yet run to the drum of a heart beat that is lackin'// Fact is I stand firm, too lazy to last and go farther// My past piles of ash, yet they ask why I’m a goner.

I’m young// And I’m opinionated
Underestimated//And I’m numb
'Till I’m gone…

Getting all these cold shoulders made me a lone roller// Meanin' I roll alone, wishin' my dreams were more bold//Or I was more old, feeling younger than spring// Meaning I’m freezing, trying to make this green// scream something extremely obscene till I'm seen// I laugh at their lame pass, ashamed of anything// I’ll never be a loser, but refuse to be a winner// Dollar bills for thrills I lose my green like winter// Mental hibernation, I couldn’t be thinner//
I sit in front of monitors and pretend to pull triggers//
Turn off the lights the cold of night won’t give me shivers// In fact it makes my life feel like it's less dimmer// Chuckle is a whimper, cover up my coldness with zippers// The ripper still whispers I deny his existence// I am not gifted and I have no interests//I'm grown, but insist on being an infant.

Yah know what, we’re still the same// young with no shame since 1980// This is me and my, generation Y// Never understand, but never contemplatin’ why//
We are always high cuz we think it makes us wise//
Took the golden era cherub and we threw him from the sky// the angels in the angle, mines from the side of the sty// with this belief or grief or whatever we try to describe.//Sly when we try to disguise our whole lives// Hiding behind this mask and these passionate lies// But we’ve rationalized to what's up to the minute// In minute we won’t get it so we change it just to stay hip-hop// like we made it, stake it, claim it but then stain it// We can fake it till we make it, play it, then start to hate it// I can’t tell if were independent or dependent on envy// Relying on plenty cuz it simply covers how we're empty.
Track Name: Us vs. the World (feat. Ryan Loewen)
Don't let the moment pass, don't let the moment go// keep it in your grasp, keep it under your control// I swear as the sand glass drops its grains I feel the pain// but the pain can't maintain it all eventually fades away// like rain turns to puddles, I still struggle with this tunnel vision// living till I crumble, surrounded with these troubles// I hear the rumble when I stumble like a giant when he tumbles// I'll take an axe to this plant even the colossal falls to rubble// feeling my way through life never thought I'd catch a feeling// till I caught you like a thief with my heart that you were stealing// craftily attacking me with the sweetest of all agonies// till apathy is actually replaced by something attracting me to you,// on the edge of every thought that is new// is a feeling that could leave me confused and askew// words hold power that could cower a hero to coward// but love is more than enough to counter we only say it louder

you've been on my mind// I've been searching to find
someone that gets me like you do
put your hand in mine // and we'll lose track of time
just between me and you

I used to say I was afraid but that was just a faze// when I gaze into your face I see the beauty and the brains// that's the figure and the mind more than the image in my sights// scope is sloped with signs that all hope ends then begins again tonight!// what a beautiful morning to look atomically astonishing// abolishing the hollow dreams and trophy's I've been polishing// wallowing in all of these mesmerizing memories// ghosts are the hosts, croaking, "do you remember me?"// I thought I had forgot, apparently not// like the clocks caught with no tick tock and time stops hot//
fought to keep my composure without being blown over/
remaining covert but growing closer to obvious exposure//
all of this to say that you blow all of that away// it all turns to grey, sways, then begins to fade// it's us verses the world but we accept the attack// never fall back we combat and remain intact.

I wasn't present when God said let there be light// but your presence ignited the lights in my eyes// and I realized that creations most potent convulsions// were worth the build up to this exact moment// and if the moment passes and is lost in the past// if it's burnt down to ash and isn't given a chance// then there will always be that image engraved in my mind// of us verses the world with victory in sight!//
and no matter what they can't they can't take that away//
they've been try to stop it since the beginning of days//
ever notice how girl is always rhymed with world?//
like they can never be separate never unfurled,// almost like they part of the trees, sea, and soil// eve being deceived by the serpent curled in its coil// but nothing on earth could ever foil the divine plan// of the gift of love sent down to every women and man.
Track Name: Darkness
I don't own the world, but the world doesn't own me//
did it's best to suppress but couldn't control me// unless I vent this flesh I'll never rest, could you hold me?// back from the lost tracks that tried to enclose me// I mean how many times do I have to fall?//crawl just to get back up for it all to stall// hopelessness is in the eye's of the defeated//
the same look was in mine when you first greeted// me the world is greedy, says that it needs me// but it just beats me constantly till I'm bleeding// thinking of sinking, tie me to this iron plug// I'll plunge to the depths of regret with no iron lung// iron sharpens iron but my irons tired, my irons blunt// used to stunt with your tongue but the words only stung// feels like I'm stuck, glued to this dark globe// used to spark hope but that's all gone, where'd the heart go?

I guess we're heartless, used to the ice and the hardness//
I guess we lost the thought of where our heart is//
if you put your hand to my chest you won't even feel the warmth of flesh// I'm as cold as death, the fire died now there's nothing left, were just...

this old worlds spinning violently out of control// while my soul sits cold in this vice grips hold// I swear that even the light in my eyes has gone vacant// I can't take it this complacent lament is stone cold as the pavement// said if I'm patient I can make it, but I don't think so// haven't fallen into the abyss yet, I'm on the brink though// I just miss the feeling that I used to get- ah forget it
fill in the blank but I mean what am I supposed to say?// been trying to fill this blank page like all dang day// and I'm frustrated, bored, lackadaisical// putting some content in this verse would take a miracle// unbearable, terrible as this sterile worlds new generations// I'm staring at this emptiness, giving it my salutations// finding no inspiration within these passive statements//can't even believe I took this time out of my life to say it.

ever feel like the devil is laughing WITH you?//
feeling guilty for the stuff that you DIDN'T do?//
we're stuck in life's patterns with no need for a lantern//
feeling bruised and battered with your soul ripped and tattered//

I feel like Adam ashamed in his revelation of nudity// even though this whole sensation of nudity isn't new to me// he covered his self with foliage to try to cover sin// I feel cloaked by this darkness that I conceal within// hiding from God with a faith that's all but gone// he shouts my name out, but I don't answer his call// in fact I try to hide outside of the range of his eyes// despised as I cry why father, why// but this God is infallible, powerful, and omnipotent// he will prevail and in no tale am I his opponent// feeling my way with brail, stale in what I learned to hope in// he remained supreme and redeemed everything that was broken// deeper than the ocean, wider than the planes//
with love that stretches across all time and space// with darkness etched across every inch of my frame// God took my place in death and through him I was saved, when I was

my heart caught in my throat it's so full of praise, though I'm// I feel so unworthy of this amazing grace since I'm// a sight for sore eye's I've crawled out of the night, no longer...
living in darkness
Track Name: The Champion
Yeah, blood was spilt from the wrists// Nails split the skin long as nine inch// The body's bent, the skin is ripped
He hangs naked, patches of flesh slit// Blood pools across the ground, the earth is drenched// He cries towards the heavens, in abandonment// What’s the benefit?, the people mock// Deny his existence; claim his reign was false//And then he died, all the people watched// They pierced his side, blood and water was lost// Then undid the ties, lowered him from the cross// Put the obliterated body behind a giant rock//assign some soldiers in front of the boulder// to protect the body from vandals and mourners// But a couple mornings later the stones been rolled away// And behold there’s no body in the grave// Is the man alive? somebody must know// Mary is swearing that she saw a holy ghost// At his sight Peter jumped out of his fishing boat// Thomas doubted until he touched the holes// From where nails were pried from the flesh and bone// To many stories for all of the earthly scrolls//And the witnesses saw what was predicted// God became man and healed all of our afflictions. Listen…

God was born a child// The child became a man
The man became the sacrificial lamb//
but conquered all sin when he rose again//
he's the champion
my God is the champion

Born in a stable’s sty under a starlit night// God’s living word was birthed into life// Held in wonder by the shepherds and men considered wise// But I wonder if the son of God had his mother’s eyes?// No disguise, he's fully God and fully man// Born with a concept that most men can’t comprehend// Sent to mend what was meant to be a masterpiece// Rip the veil that concealed and set all people free// Changed Saul to Paul, so all have a chance to see// and maybe it doesn’t matter what your perspective be// If your new or old you can still break the hold// Set the mold, steady in faith as a metronome// Or maybe in its epitome, this piano beat// The son rose to defeat dark like it does in the east// Spread light across the world and see the darkness flee// And Satan gets crushed at the feet of the God of peace!
Track Name: "The Girl..."
Said he’s having some problems with women// His head swimmin' with these visions of lost innocence// He needs to start listenin' to himself when he’s convincen him// That this isn’t what he is interested in// Girl with a smile on her face it’s a tease// If she opened her mouth you’d see vampire teeth// Suck you dry with the deceit and the lies//
But you can't take your gaze off the lust in her eyes// …Maybe she never had a dad// Maybe she doesn’t want the respect she deserves to have// either way you're going to take this chance// dance with the devil and she’ll get you out your pants// but don’t give her to much credit//you knew the whole time where this was headed// in fact you pushed it in that direction// never considering you might regret it//

The girl, had me trapped inside her world
The girl had me trapped... trapped

it happened so fast in a daze// couldn’t take your gaze away from her face// felt flashes of heat coming in waves// like you’ve discovered true joy and destroyed all pain// said in no way did you expect that today// trying to stay on this path with no plans to stray// but suddenly that thought passes off like relays// sleepover at your girls house, she doesn’t wear pj’s//…but the pains still felt// Life without love is a living hell//Life full of lust left rust on the nail//he got nailed, you get nailed, man what the hell?// hard to make changes once you stuck in it// personality is a fail, cuz on girls your dependent// and everyone's on the path to do God's plans// till what they claim as love slips out of their hands//

but how do you beat it//when you already feel defeated// when you've seen it, you've pleaded, stuck your neck out and bled// only to get eaten alive as they fed and fed// and I'd be lying if I said the problem wasn't mine// my branch should probably get cut from the vine// at my age my grapes coulda made fine wine// but I'm intertwined in the sty of my mind// I got minimal interest in alcohol// but I'm drunk off of lust I can't control at all// this potent lack of focus with no Adderall// wondering if the love they show on TV is actual// doesn't seem like it, who's lying to who?// I acted like I was perfect, just lying to you// I mean how can you be this old and feel so dumb// watching everything you worked so hard for coming undone// something in me needs to be modified// give a beat to my heart or surely I will die// cuz all I want in life is a wife and a family// and to accept the love from above that seeks me so badly// but the bad in me is climbing, rising' to the summit// I don't want it, but I'm crushing and know that I will plummet// but if I speak my heart will you even listen?// or just hear certain words and then get offended// just burning bridges with all of these flames// the one thing everyone can relate to is
Track Name: Going to be Fine (feat. Ryan Loewen)
I’m struggling with wondering where I’m supposed to fit// In this splint with a gift on the brink of losing it// You know that feeling that you get, that makes your eyes light up?//That makes you pump your fist, and cry out with love?// Well I don't feel it enough, now hardly ever // Maybe never, if it doesn't get better, then this endeavor// may become such a burden that I’m stagnate// Whenever I find purpose I lose it to my habits// It can forever flip I need it to change for my benefit// I’ve been in it and crippled it, it never made a difference// Tough upper lip forever slips, future looks indefinite//try to stay ahead of it, losing all the time// The first thing they told me is I never should have tried// Well look into my eyes, you never should have lied// You said even if I worked hard I would get fried// Preparing to be consumed I can feel the fire inside rise

Oh, this is how I feel// I'm not changing my mind
I left all those thoughts behind// I going to be fine, I'm going to be fine// oh, this is how I feel// despite all of the fear inside// I left all of those thoughts behind// I’m going to be fine, I'm going be fine.

Likewise, the hope of human kind was lost// The very second that we let me take off// Body counts pilling up we never count the cost// Until the paths of hope and loss, happen to cross// Then we take account of the negative side of stats// Instead of all the boundaries that we have surpassed// Well I have some bad news, I’m never going back// I know what it’s like to be last when I crashed off the tracks// But when we only pay attention to the securities we lack// We’ll never understand the grands we already have// Man basis his wealth on materialistic possessions// But the wealth I have inside is no cause for a recession// no cause for obsession, life is full of lessons// but I just wish it they lessen, can't take this aggression// when I'm stressing, just start reflecting back on my life// because time after time, it was always fine!

Let him speak, do you ever feel like your heart is weak?// it's on the brink of defeat, of losing its beat// and it's hard to think, that the future is so bleak// and you just seek hope, cuz you feel so meek// I still hear it though, it's the distant echo// of dreams held close, that I never let go// of hope that has died and been given new life// because life was not dependent on the failure and strife// but the fight, even though it's like I don't stand a chance// and I'll get thrown back, no matter the stance// my past has shown that there is no adversary to my aspirations// no matter the indications of incineration that I am facing/ with invigoration, I look them in the eye,// this is determination, I will not be denied//intelligent, benevolent, love inside of the design// my time is nigh, I am going to be fine!

and oh, yes this is how I feel// there won't be any changing my mind//I left all of those straggling thoughts behind// I'm going to be fine.
Track Name: The Joy
The smile on my face may seems outtaplace// life going outtabounds, running outta space// trying to chase days but I'm losing the race// writing raps for people that's attention spans only fade// but I feel fantastic, I'm feeling gold// I'm feeling hungrie, food for the soul// my life was a disaster that I couldn't avoid//it destroyed, until I found...the joy

Producer made him take it down, said he had to pay// Man I hope that happens to me someday// Somehow, some way, gotta get the plays// Gotta lettem know I got something to say//…but it’s the same old same// I’m left drained with a feeling of disdain// Nobody paid attention or even took a minute to look at// So I’m left with remissions of a decision I shoulda took back// Crooked rap, but let's get one thing straightened//They say it pays off being patient// well I’m impatient and it shows so blatant// Feeling so anxious but the joy is so vacant// I’m empty, though it would look like I have plenty// It’s shifting and I couldn’t even claim a penny// But why should I define riches as my worth// When I bought into a treasure never measured by this earth

They say I smoke to much weed// but I don’t even smoke weed// They plead and say please//Like that will convince me// To change from my ways that others endorse// till I’m forced into this counterfeit world that contorts// My vision, like children watching love in divorce// And we grow up hurt thinking maybe love is a curse// Smokeless since birth yet they say they can see the haze// I’ll tell you strait faced that I’ve never blazed// No liar, no lighters, not even fires or flames// I see clearly, not dreary, so don’t fear for me or frame// Cuz I do make you choke like that second hand smoke// You seem surprise that I spoke like you relied on the hope// Of silence, well violence can make peace when there’s war// But silence reminds us there’s always more to hope for// My alliance is with the lion whose force is more than a roar// And I’m reliant on the lion nothing can mean to me more!

Producer made me take it down, said I had to pay// but I just want to discover the wonder of true love someday// Somehow… some way…//Gotta figure this out, some stay, some stray,// But who am I, what mold do I fit,// Where does this all lead to, what path am I in// And then I discovered it, eye’s filled with wonderment// Stunned by the sun erasing the darkness I’m covered in!// Yeah, and they can't control me// They never bought me so they never owned me// Despite how they fight and seek to destroy// I find myself at the peak of this joy// This joy, this joy, so unmistakable// On top of these feelings I thought were unattainable //Unexplainable, impossible to contain// They seek to defame but they can't claim the same, Joy.
Track Name: O.L.D.
Since I was a preteen// They told me to stop pretending// Start listening// And put some limits up to keep my mind from speeding away,// but I was already gone// I knew where I was, I was already lost// They couldn’t catch up with me// Everlasting path in front of me// Never astray, always where I want to be //Running can be punishing,// Flying then I’m plummeting// Growing older wondering,
Where it is I’ve been wandering// Frustrating to never live out your dreams// So you rely on the feelings that you get when you sleep// It’s obscene, I’ve seen the pristine things of a king// Listening to the music sing, feel the hope that it brings// And I believed that I would never get old but stay young// Icarus with faith to take this chase to the sun.

till I rest in pieces every piece of me is devoted to the dream// but it seems the dreams only flee from me and never set me free// thought that I would never get old but stay young// now I'm grown, still an old lonely dreamer till I'm done//

What does it mean to me, it seems I dream of being free// To be unseen, quietly exiting while they are resting// Testing every blessing letting blessing do the flexing// Then regressing messing with my brain// And pressing into pain// It’s all for my gain they say as I pay by going insane// Then they lay as I pray that the giants are slain// Let the rain put out the fire of the reign of this desire// Till the sires are mired by the rising of the tired's lies// we cannot sit by why would I try to fly if I cannot get high// It seems I hide and abide instead of breaking wide but why?// Now's my opportunity true to me, but who are we//To pick and choose our own destiny?// Expect less of me, I still rise up aggressively,// Like Samson with no eye site, but the pillars are in my reach right?// and if I use my might my sight might be witness to paradise// up late each night with dreams of being in flight!

what does it mean to me, it doesn’t mean anything// I seem to be caught between the thoughts of preemptively// Emptying my entity into the infantry past infinity// If limiting my listening will make things more interesting// Then I stop,
Like green yellow red// Like ideas that I’ve seen grow mellow in my head // Like instead of dread my thoughts got thinner than a thread//And I tread on upon losses more comfortable than my bed// I said if my dreams die, then surely so will I// Then there was a slaughter and a splatter of red wine// bread was broken as token across the table where I dine// and I realized that God's dreams were opposite of mine// This was all from a faith that corroded over time// paralyzed by lies that defied the divine design// realized I couldn't be denied as long as hope was on my side// now on my way back to the path, just a dreamer for life!
Track Name: Triumph (Outro) (feat. Nathan Vogel)
How great the fathers love for us// how vast beyond all measure// that he would send his only son// to make a wretch his treasure//

I was wretched dejected and rejected// upon further inspection I was infected with deception// in the direction I was headed destruction was definite// imbedded I was sentenced to relinquish and never rest in it// pessimist, bound by these chains// that hang from my brain, run through my body in my veins// and every artery is chained, the pain reigns un tamed// never fade from these fangs that pierced through my frame// to the core the winter hordes with sinners swords I still war// but reap no rewards, it's all a metaphor for what's in store// if I don't restore and pour everything out for something more// then I'm empty, bare, vacant, and deplored// but how vast ,must be, this love, to cover me// out wandering he comforts me, never abandons me//
dang, can you imagine being 22//looking at life ahead of you not knowing what to do?//

it's going to be alright// it's all going to be good//
release a rap album, do it if you could// peers will only sneer at what you can and can't do// if I follow my dreams it seems that you should too// but what comes next, where do I head after// who has the answers? what's the next chapter// sometimes I feel trapped here, no way to release// I only see fleets of the life that I really need// no way to escape, trapped inside this place// but all I need is grace and I'll be forever changed// yeah, and what are the chances// he'd take me in his hands just to show me loves vastness// I hope this life lasts and doesn't become a race// when sprinting is the pace victory goes to last place// but I've chased after waste thinking that great was the fate// feeling faint while being faced with the reality of the pain// dang, but how do we triumph// when we can't even put the old us behind us// and it's always there trying to remind us// that are actions are what define us// and though we're nothing in creations grand scope// we've still been given this divine hope
that through are blatant statements of sins enslavement// the ancient became a replacement, just for embracement//

hope I get to resolve fights with my wife// struggle night to night to raise my kids right// cuz that's life, I put the try in triumph//that's why I don't light up, just wait to rise up// despite the struggle my feet will stay firm// fire insides burns so through struggles I learn// till I come to terms with life and its turns// I'll take them as a great opportunity to serve// so this is the conclusion of not knowing what I'm doing// if you took the time to tune in, and shift through the ruins// then all thanks goes to you, my family my friends// the support was all true, from beginning to end// we're all going to grow up some time// tonight I'm staying up late to shift through my mind// cold world I was told, but it couldn't take my soul// so my soul still glows as I grow from young to old.