Chill Summer

by Hungrie

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This mixtape is a set of songs, demos, and b-sides released week by week over the summer of 2013. Some of these songs were my first attempt at producing my own music. It was just a process for me to work on my writing, recording, and mixing skills while I had a lot of free time over the summer. Also be sure to check out my album released in April, "Young & Old" and consider supporting!
Thanks, Logan


released August 19, 2013

I do not own the production credits to most songs, the beats are used non-profit.
Album artwork picture from national geographic, used non profit.



all rights reserved


Hungrie Wichita, Kansas


LZ, formerly known as Hungrie, is a musician from Wichita, KS. Recording music since 2008.

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Track Name: SBWL
so bored with life
so bored with life
i'm so bored with life

met a really awesome girl
said i'd show her the entire world
but i'm outta money so were sitting here bummy
lounging around with butterflies in our stomach
but butterflies are just worms with wings
birds and the bees the stinger still stings
when we think of all the things that life shoulda been
pretendin that it would be that good till the end
imagine a time when time was irrelevant
and you could do whatever you wanted for the hell of it
they tell of it like it would be so great
but if you just wait you'll see it to be fake
because life is only made because time always fades
and we dont remember most days because most days we waste
and we waste most days trying to make our own way
trying to get somebody or something to stay
i cant promise the job and the career
i want to hold you close wipe away every tear
until we see clear but we just sit here
abandoning all courage and excepting the fear

maybe thats why we're so bored with life
we expect the morning but dont accept the light
and we stay up each night to encourage the plight
we say were up for the fight but we cant take the bight
we see the glint of the fangs but cant take the pain
if the blood left a stain we can stand in the rain
its insane how we pray for the burdens to pass
but the burden is life and we keep it tight in our grasp

no matter how slow you go it passes so fast
built your house on the sand watch the sand turn to glass
watch the glass turns to shards, shards turn to wounds
wounds turn scars, scars turn to lies then to truths
and at the end of it all you don't know who are you
and so you sit around not knowing what to do
nothing to achieve nothing to work towards
no skater but we say that we so bored
creativiting is draining life is staying
complacent complaining that its always raining
and saying that life is a movie gone wrong
you listened to way to many love songs


just because the light of adventure went out in your eyes
doesn't mean that the light is gone from your life
and doesn't mean that it has gone out in mine
so lets go all out right here to tonight
what a beautiful thing
to watch beauty change and fade with age
if growing old is an art i'll hold every part
and keep every single little memory in my heart
but we start to late to recognize our fate
when are dreams fade from the thoughts of being great
it's the thought of grace that saved us from death
where our breaths are depleated and there's nothing left
we wont be deleted and we wont be replaced
we've been accepted to live this life's just a taste
of the relations and the loving and the worship and the joy
we will get when our physical bodies become void
Track Name: Let's not and say we did.
I hate when people say they that can't stand us
watching old friends flake like dandruff
it's like arms are tied behind my back handcuffed
and everywhere I look I can't find the answers
people tell you that they hate this and hate that
people who get hated reciprocate hate right back
if your pressured enough you know you might crack
but we see all the wrong around us and we don't act

you should blog that, you should tweet it
ever wake up to the feeling of being defeated
and a little encouragement is all you needed
but the people around you are all distant and conceited
when i was in the second grade, I thought I was cool
because I could draw, read, and write all at school
I did what was right to see the smiles on others faces
and because I wanted some friends who i could play with
now we lying so blatant, saying in the end we will make it
everybody is scratchin this itch to be famous
but this gun is dangerous and we don't know how to aim it

thats the problem isnt it
thats the problem isn't it
thats the problem isn't it
lets not and say we did

everybody will brag on the littlest achievement
look you in the face and think that the mean it
i've seen it repeated over and over constantly
everybody doing stupid stuff obnoxiously
probably on this quest to make life some type of epic jest
when in its essence it's just the same recycled trash
yeah we could do that and feel champion
for a couple seconds have something to brag upon

have an instagram picture for facebook and twitter
tell all your friends and pretend like you aren't a pretender
never deliver on these promises you've made
and take a bunch of empty regrets to the grave
look at this life we were given, how we made it
how if we aren't up and active we hate it
every thing is used to make another complaint
and we can't ever admit that we had a boring day

what are you made of
what are you capable of?
are you really that afraid to try
or do you just not know how after being wrapped up in a lie
reach for the stars with goals that are worth reaching
listen to the teachers they speak wisdom worth teaching
get a life outside of taking pictures and tweeting
because until you look outside of yourself you'll never find meaning
it's not about how many followers and how many friends
it's about being a leader and working towards the end
because at the end when we think of the wasted time we spent
were going to end up wishing we didn't, and just saying we did
Track Name: I Can't Stop (TC XC)
laces tight in the race of my life
gonna go all otu no doubt i fight
with the sun in my eyes and my eys on the prize
the flyest shoes on that money can buy
runninfly times im stunnin my oppenents
and they knowin ima own em blow past em in a moment
so lets show em thers no close ones, tabor on the podiums

tank top on going in strong
miels seem long, I obliterate them all
i go above and beyond, they wonder what he on
more like neil, less like lance, armstrong
i walk on the moon, look down from the top
ask me how i made it, i say it, i can't stop
back on the track but the track is the earth
since birth i felt the need to place my feet on this turf
thiird, second, or first, i determine my worth
not by my place but by facing my worst
i imporve on my times
work morning to night
get up before the sun because it's my time to shine
the grind, practice makes perfect
and ill never achieve my dreams unless i put work in
thats certain, some say it aint worth it,
individual moments are worthless, but god gives me purpose
yes each stride brings me towards the finish line
but the fingers pointed towards the sky it's all for him every time
life is a race, i wont ever stop running
but the grace of the cross made the race cross country
but the grace of the cross made the race cross country

tank top on going in strong
miels seem long, but not as long as this song
i go above and beyond, they wonder what he on
more like neil, less like lance, armstrong
i walk on the moon, look down from the top
ask me how i made it, i say it, i can't stop
rely on the faith be patient wieght lift
work morning to night like a day shift, as if
your racing on pace with a ragin, bluejayin, sayin
miles are mayhem, i blaze them, inceneration
let me retsate then.... I can't stop
Track Name: Druber's Donuts
I don't brag often but just listen to the word play
got so much green you would think that it's earth day
other rappers get blown away like candles on my birthday
or the big bad wolf verse the pig with house of all hay
fever, i think i need a breather
allergy medicine doesn't do much to help either
they put idols infront of me like Nebuchadnezzar
so i spit hot fire like a dragon with no femur
i could made that last line make since but i didn't
learn to only say deep things when i meant it
shadrach, meshach, and abend went in the fire didn't melt
my rhymes are as hot as the fire in the furnace that they felt
my pants sag a little bit because i'm skinny and i dont care
leave all the modest comments out it begins and ends here
you don't look at my butt and i wont look at yours
i do sit ups all day because i'm working on my core

because i am the baddest of them all
If you ain't 'bout money, then I don't mess with y'all
what,,, no i ain't talkin kripy kreme
hit me up at drubers and you'll know what i mean
they got twists, they got squids, but glazed is my favorite
i drove their, bought a dozen, and i ate them
doesn't matter the time the place or the person
if i'm getting drubers donuts you know that its worth it
drubers, donuts, drubers, donuts

I don't rock socks with sandles cuz i'm worried bout the tan lines
they read my lyrics aloud like dang he's got some rad rhymes
except for this song they'll be saying that it's asinine
like i care about their thoughts or opinions at any time
i be dancing in my basement when nobody is watching
I be dancing in my car when i probably should be driving
because it's dark and there's deer, drunks, other types
who be laughing at my attempt to dance all the time
i get lost in my own city cuz i can't remember where i parked
i still get a little creaped out when i'm outside and it's dark
seeing people lick cheeto off their fingers makes me want to barf
but when it comes to writing raps man thats a walk in the park
cuz i never stay on the path you know i'm out in the woods
stay true to how i was raise so i never make it hood
i wear hoodies and snapbacks and fitteds and nikes
and really i just want everybody in the world to like me

rumor on the streets is this song is ridiculous
they should play it in newton i bet railers are into this
i get stopped by trains every time that i enter
swear it's more annoying than having a splinter
i accidently honk my horn teenagers give me the finger
i'm so high on life i never needed to smoke reefer
either i'm crazy, creative, or just plain bored
i can't tell the difference between kim and the girl from jersey shore
i used to read lord of the rings and get really into the lore
they compare me to eminem and i'm not sure what really for
this song is sweeter than two marshmellows on a hershey smore
and when i exit stage left i hear they beggin for some more
Track Name: So Alone (Bonus)
you expect me to cry
i've just been watching days fly by
I try to disguise every emotion inside
reading on my twitter feed, people's bitter needs always rise
never lie, never want to be that guy
every time I've ever rhymed I'm thinking of attention in the back of my mind
never mind the feelings that I felt when I awaken
I lay asleep at night and wonder if I'll ever make it
because no matter what i'm saying i feel like i'm up infront naked
been working on my patience but the virtues are always vacant
I need a vacation, and it's summer i'm unemployed
writing music and helping out two things that I enjoy
If you ever base your worth on others that give you joy
you'll find earth to be blank empty void
empty stories about a life that you could never own
surrounded by people we feel the most alone

blinded by the light praying every night
need some insight on how my sins might end right
every time I feel like I'm slipping,
you give me a hand to start gripping
we can try and solve it with iphone games and netflix
trying to get our name out, get directions
crying about how much it hurts with no medics
causing headaches, we read but don't get the message
living like we never heard any good news
crabby personality is our world view
we sit on top of our totem, potent for a pedestal
look inside and think the problems are medical
look out side and only see the hypocritical
you never notice those who do the good literal
you see the wrong overly obsessed
guilty on the inside but can't express your regret

we all think we're better than we really are
reaching for the stars, showing off our scars
pretending life isn't hard, pretending we don't struggle
pretending to look for God when life gives us trouble
pretending that happiness is all we really need
more and more obsessed with selfishness and greed
obsessed with selfish gain we don't battle the terrain
we mix our tears with the rain until the water all drains
we don't let our experiences make us any better
we whether the weather, whether or not we seek shelter
pelted with this hail, claim to be going through hell
this may be the closest to ever being in heaven to dwell
for you, if you continue to deny truth your lost identity
will be limiting eventually to the enemy for infinity
I found that with Christ I could never be alone
Through his own atonement he has given us hope
Track Name: Y.o.u.n.g. & Beautiful
i've seen the world, i've done it all
and it all amounted to nothing
strugglin to define love when
i've never been in anything like love is
these love sick people make me nauseous
they don't understand what the cost is
and all these girls will try to mask it
but more than a romance they want a mansion
i can't stand them were all trying to find a purpose
but its worthless, man we dont deserve this
our urges give us reason till we purge them
yeah i heard them yeah i heard them

i've never ever felt this shallow
i have less substance now than a shadow
i wade in water of little depths
ashamed because i'm getting wet
when i wept it was only over myself
look at these bruises look at these welts
everything just to show how I felt
i feel nothing still i need your help
falling slowing ever lowly
never knowing where it's going
you must show me, it's only you
my dependence is what your accustomed to
i feel helpless no matter what i set out to do
in the end proving i got nothing to prove
win or lose there is no victory
heart of gold they are convincing me
I have a heart of gold to heavy to hold
gave it away now there's just emptiness in me
i will still love you, to me you will always be beautiful
but will you still love me when we are old and our life has grown dull?
cold world i was told but it couldnt take my soul
so my soul still glows as i grow from young to old
Track Name: 23
I never wanted to be 23
Infact wanted to stop since I was twenty
years pass in blur, future looks unsure
take a nap, write a rap, chill summer
ever wonder whats under the surface
bummer when the sun beats down like a furnace
if the sun didn't shine we wouldn't be fine
save the complaints till it's winter time
every time I rhyme something sublime
creeps into the lines but it's hard to find
stay inside with the AC on cool
your contents so dry, I hop out the pool
fool me twice, jokes I can't laugh at
looking at a life past times I can't go back
wouldn't trade the decisions I made for nothing
the future's rushin, I can hear it comin

23 like jordan, but i ain't scorin
july 17th, sun is scorching
older than feel, act younger than I should
young & old and old is young
23 years afraid to grow up
afraid to say what my mind wont shut up
you can be afraid of the future
afraid to be a loser
afraid to say no when you cant refuse her
afraid to say your slowly wasting away
wasting each day with no worth in decay
and you think back on what seemed like yesterday
and it was years ago but you were still the same
and it's still a shame because your still afraid
but your a grown up now don't know how to change
and you feel so strange, so you take the page
just to express everything that you could never say
Track Name: I Don't Know Why
pretty girls, pretty girls in my vision
pretty girls on the internet givin my music a listen
pretty girls pretty girls always been the mission
but pretty girls never really gave me fulfillment
pretty girl with a smile, everything except for plain
maybe if i rap she could learn to know my name
i think i spit that rhyme before just to be adored
this girl is adorable hope she know she got me floored
bored, bored, all in my room
hope that i can get out of here soon
snow in my vision and i'm wishin for attention but only causin friction
with this fire thats been litten,
gus i'm smitten but i'm missin the point to this mission
liven given everything i got to get a listen
what a waste of time can't waste tonight
but i wasted tonight thinkin mabye eyeee

yo, cant i write a happy song over a sad beat
what is true love, somebody asked me
i said I don't know it fly's right past me
but i bet it feels great, just try to catch it while it's passing
smiles always flashing, feelings always glancing
up late at night under the stars just relaxing
probably feel like asking questions that i shouldn't
but i'm in love if i wasn't then i wouldn't
if i stumbled then i couldn't say what's on my mind
if i was lonely then i wouldn't be up this late at night
i feel like this is the life everybody asks for
prayers with knees to the floor in the early morn
but jeez doesn't it all feel trivial
i bet there is an angel in the centerfold
but it's pitiful out here in the midst of all
these feelings when were stealing why we feel so powerful
but you can't steel mine, can't steal my mind, cant steal my heart
but you stole this rhyme
so i guess you stole all 3 at 1 time
looking to see if this about you reading inbetween the lines
Track Name: Against All Odds
Parents call the kids into the dining room
There whining but silent when they catch the feeling of doom
Mom is crying, dads face is as stone cold as a statue
Mom blurts out
“we didn’t want this to happen”
But now it has too
The kids stand still, don’t even know how to move
All they want to do run away, want this to improve
Dad speaks “this isn’t about you”
Mom weeps some more, blows her nose in a tissue
“me and your mom have been having some issues”
Dad speech is emotionless, but despair still seeps through
He sighs, rubs his palms against his thighs
Words just aren’t coming, like he had gone mute
But the kids understand just from the sweat on his hands
The tears in her eye’s, that their lifes will fall through
Is love a lie, or is there just no hope in the truth
Is there even such thing as love, or does everyone lose

He’s pissed because all he does is look at porn
Glances from his wife can show she’s so worn
But when they talk it’s like they conjure up a storm
Cold conquers the heart, but the tongue stays warm
He says he’s so bored, she feels so foreign
Love is at a loss while the world is being torn
Apart piece by piece, like the tongue is a leech
that sucks the blood in through it’s teeth
until the heart stops to beat
until the mind stops to think
what is there to talk about
when eventually it just ends with somebody walking out
pride never on the side, just in the front of the mind
just let the ego climb until theres no love to find
when there’s nothing inside, and you just give up
there’s no more hope, no more prayers to lift up
but grace, mercy, and forgiveness
were meaningless words defined by the blood of Jesus

And the trends still continues
They tend to pretend, led by their disputes
From lust to lack of trust relationships about to bust
And all of this just from a crush, how did it get so robust
Does love really fade?
Do people really change?
Are we stuck in the dark ages, sick from the plague
Our attention spans are so short That even love will fade
I think it’s a stain from the American way
Of seeking love above all, even amazing grace
I think it’s the impatience of not being able to wait
Indulging in our feelings as they lead us astray
Our selfishness that makes us always need to get our way
I swear we’re all heartless like kanye, lost in the fray
I don’t want to be part of this, lord please pull be above it
I just want love in abundance, please guide me I pray

They say that love is lost it’s gone, gone, gone
I say that we fight on, until we make our love strong
Track Name: Lois Lane (Bonus)
man i just don't understand it
I must not be from this planet
wanted to be the good guy, they notice when I fly by
when I'm wherein a suit and a tie, glasses and a nice disguise
they dont even take notice that i exist
S on my chest says i'm the best
but pencil and a desk means much less
lazer's in my vision, you get my attention
because you gave me a chance when nobody would listen
I'd save the world, just to save the world
but I brave the real world just to get the girl
yeah, and you can report that louis lane
you drive me insane since 1938
thats quite a long time to be on somebody's mind
I can't take a bullet for you but i'll try every time
men of steel still feel, what are the chances
you'd steal the heart of this kid from kansas
she likin my status' but we never talk in real life
i sent her a message like let's hang out tonight
took a walk in the park a little bit after dark
small talk is a failure, thats the awkwardest part
you can't really blame me cuz i try really hard
if you give me a reason I'll give you my heart
late night on google, "how to start a conversation"
I stay shy they say i need to be more animated
girl is on fire i'm tryna find the keys
alicia i need ya, no need for nicki's
barbie you hardly got a personality
you wake up do make up but don't mess with me!

stay shy stay fly

text messaged my friend but she's going to ignore
lounging on my couch at home when i'm bored
talking to girls sending one word texts
the conversation ends before it begins, on to the next
drowning in oceans of these girls emotions
I need something to float in, losing my focus
girls acting really fly when they know that they aren't
on the fence with innocence, they only play the part
masks on your faces, embracing the fakeness
i try to hard need to go back to basics
wrote a poem to this girl told her how pretty her face is
she said say it my face or your time is strait wasted

yo, I never really had a plan,
wanted to be the man in high demand
wanted stand high for my standards
but they crouch in the shadows and pounce like panthers
oh deer, stabbed me in the back with some antlers
so many females none of it matters
every body feels lonely stop crying for answers
quantity high quality low never flattered
i stopped trying to impress girls that dont deserve it
the look in your eye's is making me nervous
your smile is like saying i love you in cursive
plus the way that you act makes it all seem worth it
all of this just from being observant
working my way towards being assertive
you don't really know me but let me express I'm
hungrie you know that I stay shy but stay fly
Track Name: Kansas to Cali (with Luke Z)
Come with me, let’s move to California
Girl, I’d do anything for ya
Wont you come with me, to California

Kansas is fun but the plains are plain
You and me need to catch a plane
Change the grain to grains of sand
You and me living without a plan

Yup…smiling face with the wind swept hair
don't mean to stare but girls like her are so rare
the first time we talked I got her to laugh
now i'm thinking that i got a chance
me and you we could move to cali
see the ocean I want it so badly
you and i at all the hip hop concerts
then hit the beach with deep thoughts to ponder
1 room apartment with the broken sink
Work for checks that don’t last the week
Wink at me and I’ll hold your hand
We can chill on the couch and watch zombieland
West coast the best coast with time to spend
Just me the ocean and my best friend
1 or 2 years ‘til we’re broke from our habits
Then we can move back to kansas
Track Name: Hurricane
life is good but it is everything you imagine
the light in your eye's hides the damage
ever feel incomplete like a fragment
and you try and compete but can barely manage

wake up, the world may not be mine
but i am not the worlds, it cannot confine
try to trap me in bars, imprison while i'm livin
try to stiffin all i'm given, pennin words in this sentence
So I shine, they try to dim all the lights
menace to my mind, but the phantoms couldn't bind
I once was blind, disabled and crippled
But a love that started with a drop, spread like a ripple
used to trust in the fickle, my foundation was sand
and I sunk when water rose and wiped out my plans
in an ocean of grace, I was drowning and sinking
Then I realized that the water was living, and I restarted breathing

Loves a hurricane
Loves a hurricane
You're a hurricane
and I'm washed away

The smile on my face may seem outta place
life going out of bounds, running outta space
trying to chase days but I'm losing the race
writing raps for people thats attentions spans always fade
but you were right there, you never left
you influence every line, every thought, every breath
life is never set, the boat rocks in the storm
but you are my anchor, and you remain firm
when the rain is pelting and never relents
I feel so weak from the welting, i need a fix
but the reason I'm drenched, the reason I'm soaked
is because you pulled me under, and now I'll never let go

I was lost on my ship at sea
and there was nobody who could rescue me
abandoned with no sights in my telescope
with tidal waves ready to rip apart my boat

life is good but is it everything that you imagined
damaged by the fragments broken magnets
stagnate, rampant, but could never manage
plannin never standin a chance if it was destiny
wondering if my wandering would be encumbering but you rescued me
Track Name: Despair (Bonus)
All I feel is despair, when you’re not here
All I feel is despair, I want to know you care

What makes you fulfilled
what makes you empty
I’ve lost all will
And I’m still shifting
I’m not alone
But there’s no one with me
I want to feel you close
But despair is winning

[Am]All I feel is despair
[Em]When you’re not here
[am]All I feel is despair
[Dm}I want to know you care

My life
Is not a gift that I have earned
But my strife
Has reached the point of no return
I’m not alone
But I feel far from home
I’m not lost
But there’s something missing

All I feel is despair
Are you here
All I feel is despair
Do you care

Even as the sun rises
So does the darkness in man’s hearts
It blankets their eye’s and
Make’s it impossible for them to part
But despair,
it’s still there
Pretend not to care
But it’s still their
Are you here
I want to feel you here
Are you here
I want to see you here

Lord draw me near
Lord draw me near
It’s despair
When you’re not here
Track Name: Me vs. the World (Bonus)
yo, there's no us about it
darkness is enshrouded and we cant see the light around it
the fear is still aboundin' while we hiding and we doubtin
it's soundin as if the thunder and the lightning will keep it clouded
the future makes me shudder when i wonder whats the direction
i look into the mirror and dont recognize my reflection
i swear my dream is inside of a nightmare this is something like inception
infection and i'm sweating wake me up i dont know where i'm headed
and i've dreaded every day waiting for a way to make it through
looking up to peers who never will tell you the truth
they say you'll never be the best i hear the laughter it's so evil
needful little people standing on their thrones so regal
everybody is a king, sitting on a thrown of lies
everybody cut off their wings like they didn't want to fly
or took off like icarus went way to high into the sky
couldn't take the heat fell to the water drowned and died
well i, feel like the battalions are against me
every single feeling that i get will leave me quickly
what makes you fulfilled what makes you empty
me verses the world and the world is out to get me

you've been on my mind
and i've been trying to find
a way to get you out
without a shadow of doubt
the shadows dragging me down
me verses the world and i'm about to drown

wrote this for all the other perfect people in the world
everybody thinks they try harder than they really are
every boy and girl
remember growing up you never thought you'd be who you are now
everybody see's a jester while you think you wear the crown
life will drag you down like a wolf on the hunt
my emotionless features making me cold and blunt
and this is not fun, this is not cute
this is what happens when us vs the world doesn't come true
and your fighting every day trying to tread the water
plenty of fish in the sea, so the sharks come to slaughter
makes you wonder why you even bother life only getting harder
bombarded with this stress and love seems to be taking longer
you wonder what your called to be while they stall on all their policies
broken relationships all around you, and nobody is solving these
selfish inhibitions while we wait to start livin
giving everything were given pretending that we really meant it

you've been on my mind
and i've been trying to find
a way to get you out
without a shadow of doubt
the shadows dragging me down
me verses the world and i'm about to drown

anything can make me lose
only you can make me win
me verses the world
were all covered in our sins
the blood of jesus freed me from any of this malevolence
no matter how disheveled it gets its
us vs. the world we'll take the hell for it
Track Name: Snow (feat. Long Live Antarctica!)
My lyrics:
Man, it's just so beautiful
poetry in motion so musical
no fakes all original like snow flakes
we don't flake, so great, we skate, great lakes
they say that we so bored,
get out your snow board, go build a snow fort
if you aint the snow sort
change your location, hit up the airport
met this girl with big brown beautiful eyes
whole life in this trench coated disguise
if she took off the mask
she wouldn't know how to act
and I dont know how to ask
so blizzard of emotions just attack
I think back, looking at a long cold history
tears turn to fears turn to ice in this misery
everything you've kept from me is mystery
heart froze bet it could melt if you turned up the heat
but everything we've felt is just part of the
work of art that starts with ice sculptin
took my heart i tore it all apart for ya
i'm forever froze, long live Antarctica

long live antarctica
long live antarctica
I lay where the penguins play
where snow falls all day in great sheets of display
you were like my hole in the ozone
my ice caps crumble, before you I was so froze
but i'm pretty sure you're bad for me
this whole thing will turn out terribly
by my bedside i pray all day
hoping for the strength because trouble wont pass away

dear lord come make me whole
my whole bodies froze covered from head to toe in snow
she's looking into my plain brown eye's
i wonder if she sees past the surface outside
swear it feels like 2011
stagnate and i dont even know where i'm headed
sometimes theres nothing you can express in words
one year ago on december 23rd
had to give a broken heart carry it till christmas
i doubt that was on either one of our wishlists
life doesn't always end up how you would wish it
but once the snow melted you miss it, admit it

take my frozen heart, every part is no longer mine
I want to feel the warmth of the sun, even if it's just one last time

last verse was like ice, i kinda slipped up
feeling like iceman, snow in my touch
back when i was a young used to live for the crush
using God as a type a crutch to make girls blush
now i'm grown up, i'm not nearly as slick
use my ice pick to chip away but it still sticks
i've been trying to be the best i could possibly be
but at the end of the day i'm still doing it for me
thats a selfish disguise, it's still cold outside
snowing in may, it may be my fault it resides
frostbite on my hands, they say the forecast won't last
fear held back unabashed, but i still can't stand
frustration from all this precipitation
tears turned to ice before shattering into obliteration
i've been thanking God he didn't make me shallow as hell
and that heaven isn't as cold as this place where i currently dwell

we all want the snow to turn to puddles
but until then I shovel and make my way with tunnels
why is it that struggles always seem to come in bundles
and just when we get sure footing is when we seem to stumble
I think it's because we get so full of ourselves
we take the reins of the sleigh away from him who never fails
whose reign forever dwells on heavens grand throne
who created snow to be beautiful not to keep us cold and alone
but everything we've felt is just part of the
work of art that starts with ice sculptin
took my heart i tore it all apart for ya
i'm forever froze, long live Antarctica

long live antarctica
long live antarctica

and lord i need you to intercede through
this snow is so thick that I can't see you